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Getting your Ender away

AWAY! EastEnders, BBC1, 8.00pm

EastEndersIt's always a fairly brave move to move a handful of soap characters away from their main territory, or to follow them when they go, at least. We can't quite explain why, but soap characters outside their natural habitat often fall flat. Maybe it's because it breaks the flow of the normal storylines back home, maybe it's that they don't stand up well under closer examination, or maybe it's just because, y'know, because. Coronation Street just about got away with it the other week when Steve and Eileen went to Malta, but it was a close-run thing. This week, some of the EastEnders crew are heading to Brighton, so let's see how they get on.

Leaving the Square are Garry and Dawn, making what he hopes will be a romantic getaway of some sort, presumably because he has low standards and he hopes that hers aren't much higher. Brighton's his home turf, which also leaves things open for Minty to relight his fire with Garry's mum Hazel. We'll pause here to give you all enough time to swallow that dry heave. And Heather also sets off for the south coast, being somewhat smitten with Garry for reasons that will never be entirely clear.

Also trippin' out this week is Pat, presumably because it's time for her annual storyline. Hooray! Pat is on a trip as a result of a mysterious letter which she will be seen to read ominously shortly beforehand, and cadges a lift off everyone's favourite neglectful parent and all-round degenerate, Shirley. Shirley, being Shirley, abandons Pat in the middle of nowhere, but fortunately Pat bumps into DCI Burnside who accompanies her on her journey, presumably leading to hilarious adventures of many varieties. Whee!

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