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Hero worship

SUPER! Heroes, BBC2, 9.00pm

HeroesOkay, we're five episodes in; we officially deem this sufficient time for us to be able to squee about this show again without being accused of bias or favouritism or something. (Not that we've ever been especially unbiased about things in the past, of course.) So, last week lots of interesting things happened: Claire woke up on a slab in the morgue, unsurprisingly a little bit peeved about the whole attempted-rape-and-murder thing, so she did what any of us would do if we found ourselves indestructible and back from the dead with our attempted rapist still on the loose: she took him for a drive and slammed his car into a wall. Hell yeah. Niki tried to sleep with Nathan to clear her debt to Linderman, but found herself unable to do it, so MirrorNiki took over and did the deed instead. The moral of this story is that turning down sex with Adrian Pasdar is always wrong, and should you ever make such an idiotic decision, your superego will take over and reverse it for you. Oh, and Peter figured out that maybe he could absorb other people's powers, and had a visit from Hiro of the Future, who had a message for him.

So, this week there are repercussions from all of that. Creepy Mr Bennet catches up with Nathan and attempts to abduct him for nefarious purposes unspecified, leading to Nathan making one of the most kickass exits we've ever seen on TV. Oh, and he's shirtless at the time. This was presumably the show's little gift to us and our increasingly frightening Adrian Pasdar fixation. Also, Nathan meets Hiro and has a brilliantly surreal conversation with him. It's every bit as cute as you'd expect.

Meanwhile, Claire's actions with Roadkill Rapist have unforeseen consequences, while Matt uses his power for personal gain and because he never watched Charmed, he's totally unprepared for it to backfire on him, albeit in a rather indirect way. Oh, and Hiro's message for Peter involves something to do with saving cheerleaders and/or the world, or something. It'll never catch on, whatever it was.

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