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An unexpected development

BUILDINGS! How to be a Property Developer, Five, 8.00pm

How To Be A Property DeveloperWe figured that the country had officially reached saturation point with shows about houses. Beyond the holy triumvirate of Property Ladder, (Re)Location, (Re)Location, Location and Grand Designs (even though that last one fills us with an unspeakable rage that we're at a loss to explain), surely all the necessary ground is covered? And if you really need more beyond that, you just have to watch daytime TV to find yourself splattered with it from every angle.

But then while we were at the gym this weekend (this toned figure doesn't just happen by itself, you know) we happened to catch a repeat of this on the big screen while we were on the treadmill, and in all honesty, we got quite into it. It makes quite a nice change that Gary McCausland has no time for the niceties of Sarah Beeny, or even the direct criticism of our current favourite TV icon Kirstie Allsopp - admittedly this is pretty much all conjecture on our part, but he appears to be very much from the "you fucking idiot" school of feedback, of which we approve, even if the constraints of pre-watershed television means he can't use those actual words. Our confidence that he must be thinking it at least half the time is enough, somehow.

In this episode, two people who share the name of Daniel are doing up a property in Margate. Hailing from quite near there ourselves, we can only begin to imagine what they must have to deal with. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, a lady called Paula has a development that's running over schedule. It helps to soothe the blow of those bastards having more money than you and driving up the house prices for the rest of us when we can at least watch them fucking up royally, doesn't it?

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Gary is brilliant! When I first saw him - I think on How to be a Property Developer Abroad - I thought he was just some amateur they'd pulled out of an estate agent's office, so unversed in the niceties of presenting was he.

He really does get furious at people for being stupid and goes in big huffs with them. He makes Kirstie and Sarah look very tame indeed.

He also weirdly turned up on some late night show about a woman trying to find a husband.

By Blogger Kellie, at 11:04 am  

Actually, I was talking tripe. He didn't turn up on a husband-finding show. I'm confusing him with a Liverpudlian estate agent called Ian who occassionally appears on Homes Under The Hammer. Easily done. Sorry Gary.

By Blogger Kellie, at 11:44 am  

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