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Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight

FIGHT! Last Man Standing, BBC3, 9pm

This had escaped our attention until it was recently flagged up on our messageboard. While at first glance it might look like load of boringly macho gap year exploits, according to lowculture viewers, we just need to realise that Last Man Standing is essentially all about "lovely topless men fighting". Suddenly it starts to sound rather good!

Like Fight Club meets Tribe, Last Man Standing sees a bunch of rather nice chaps trot around the globe to participate in traditional ceremonies of the extremely painful variety. It's not all scantily-clad fisticuffs though, sometimes they take time out to horrifically injure themselves and consume local hallucinogenic substances in an effort to blend in with their hosts.

Resident fans of the show, essexgirl and thelovelykate, recommend that we keep our eyes peeled for "Mark the Brummie salsa dancer and kick boxer", rage-fuelled BMX bandit Jason and the "hot and amazing at everything" Rajko. Credit where credit is due, last week, Rajko spectacularly won a cricket match despite the fact his foot was virtually hanging by a thread after his sandal met with the business end of his own axe.

Unfortunately, we've missed most of this series and there are only two more episodes to go, but they promise to be a veritable jamboree of hot man violence. Tonight, the lads are in Senegal to try their collective hand at the national sport of wrestling terrifyingly massive guys. Who will be the last man standing? Who cares? It's the semi-naked taking part that counts!

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Hey all its mark here from last man standing, i am glad you have finally recognised the show, it was an awesome year for us and was very hard to make. It makes me happy to know that the hard work has payed off and that people are enjoying the show. Thanks for the support Mark from last man standing

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