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Back in a Jiffy

COMPILATION! The Best of Little Miss Jocelyn, BBC2, 10.00pm

Little Miss JocelynDuring one of our much-publicised trips down the pub last week - the ones that we were making when we should have been at home writing things for this website - some of our friends posited that there hasn't been any good comedy on the BBC for ages. They singled out Little Miss Jocelyn for particular scorn, which is interesting. Largely because it's great, and they're wrong, essentially.

We gave this official lowculture-approved status during its initial airing on BBC3, even giving it the highly-coveted "We love..." spot in the top right-hand corner, but there remain those who aren't convinced. This compilation probably isn't going to convince people who were unimpressed first time around, but it's an excellent opportunity for the rest of us to revisit all of our best bits. A bit like being evicted from Big Brother, but without the booing and the shouty pregnant lady.

Our favourite characters include high-powered international businesswoman Paulette, who doesn't take kindly to not getting her own way; Madam President, the first black female president of the United States with a bizarre tendency to talk like a bit-player in a '70s Blaxploitation movie, and of course the polygamous Mrs Omwukuopopo. It stands and falls on the strength of the characters and the catchphrases, but it makes us laugh, and that's all we care about.

(Also of note this evening, the BBC3 episode of Heroes contains entirely gratuitous shirtless Adrian Pasdar. We'll be freeze-framing.)

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