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Fry day

ERUDITE! Stephen Fry Weekend, BBC4, from 9.00pm

Stephen Fry NightWe wouldn't be the first people to suggest that Stephen Fry be given official national treasure status (we're still trying to find out who decides such things so that we can make some sort of official approach), but the closest thing we'll be getting for now is BBC4 devoting a weekend's worth of airtime to mark his 50th birthday. That's fairly nifty, actually. We're trying to get Living to mark our 30th in a few years time with a personally-selected Charmed marathon, but as yet they're not returning our calls.

But back to the matter in hand - it's a weekend of two parts, with tonight focusing on some highlights from his career and tomorrow giving him a chance to play scheduler by picking some of his favourite shows, and the whole thing's interspersed with some documentaries about his life and career. This provides the bonus of giving you that slightly smug feeling you get from watching BBC4 and therefore knowing that what you're watching is fairly highbrow, but at the same time knowing that it should all be fairly entertaining and not too taxing on the old noggin. It is the weekend, after all. We work hard enough on our TV viewing during the week, if only in summoning the sheer strength of will to not hide behind the cushions during that Sarah Jessica Parker perfume ad.

Tonight we can look forward to A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder Goes Forth and The Young Ones, and topping the whole thing off with those memorable scenes of Sir Stephen boffing Jude Law in Wilde. Many happy returns!

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