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Grey matters

MEDICS! Grey's Anatomy, Living, 10.00pm

Grey's AnatomyWe've never really been that into this show; somehow it's a bit too soapy and navel-gazing for our personal taste (despite being the sort who watch a lot of soaps and gaze at our navels quite often). Having said that, we have some friends who never miss an episode, and since there seems to be bog-all else on tonight we thought we'd have a look at what's going on at Seattle Grace.

Prior to now our only real interest in this show was the fact that creator Shonda Rhimes wrote the fabulously awful Britney Spears vehicle Crossroads, and we still cling to that as an example of how things used to be as we hope that Britney will some day find her way back to the path of righteousness, in much the same way that we clutch our copy of Mean Girls while hoping the same for Lindsay Lohan. We could probably get a lot more done if we didn't waste quite so much time praying for the safe rehabilitation of wayward former child stars, but there you go.

So, this week: Izzie's memorial clinic for Denny opens, but isn't exactly a raging success. There are marital questions to be answered for George and Calley as well as Cristina (who is awesome, and frankly if we had our way the show would be called Yang's Anatomy, although that would rather spoil the pun), and Meredith's mother has a rare moment of lucidity - just enough to tell her daughter what a huge disappointment she is. We bet Meredith's ever so chuffed.

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I watch it for Kate Walsh (Addison) who is hot, hot, hot.

And many people seem to agree - she is the lead in the Greys spin-off 'Private Practice' that starts this Sept in the US.

Greys jumped the shark this season anyway, so Addison's Anatomy should be good - more grown-up, sexier, funnier than Greys (according to Shondra Rhimes).

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