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That's entertainment. Apparently.

VARIETY! America's Got Talent, ITV2, 8.30pm

America's Got TalentSigh. We miss American Idol. Even though it wasn't a particularly vintage year this year, our Friday nights just don't seem the same without it. Besides, even a substandard season of Idol still shits on the national embarrassment that is The X Factor from a great height. As we were discussing with a friend just yesterday, compare the relative final rankings: Blake Lewis vs. Ray Quinn. Melinda Doolittle vs. Ben Mills. LaKisha Jones vs. The MacDonald Brothers. (Jordin Sparks vs. Leona Lewis is more of an equal match, so we'll let that one pass, but you see where we're going this.) Frankly, it's enough to make you consider emigrating.

Anyway, the point of that seemingly random rant is that we miss that transatlantic talent show slot on a Friday night, so ITV has rather cannily decided to plug the gap with the original US version of the Got Talent format, since the UK version recently pretty much stomped all over the competition on ITV1, and let that nice opera-singing man make a few records (funny how even when it's an all-comers talent show, the winner is still a singer, eh?).

Judges for the US version are Piers Morgan (boo! hiss!), David Hasselhoff and Brandy (who, due to various personal problems that we're sure you're all aware of, will be replaced by eternally useless plank of wood Sharon Osbourne in season two, although we'll give her the slight benefit of the doubt and speculate that she might say something useful when she hasn't got Louis Walsh's hand up her back, if she can find time in between throwing beverages at people and berating quiz show hosts). No Cowell, but we're sure Piers Morgan can fill that role quite happily. Acts for your delectation tonight will include clog dancers, yodellers, extreme jugglers and - most intriguingly - a contortionist archer. We have no idea how that works, which is probably exactly what they're banking on to get us to watch. Damn, they're cunning.

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You have also conveniently forgot Shayne Ward Vs Taylor Hicks, Sanaya Vs Robert and how about Brenda Vs Lakisha.

Truth is most of these AI wannabees are no better or worse than many X factor acts.

For the record

Leona >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anyone that has ever appeared on AI.

By Blogger HeartThrob, at 1:44 pm  

I don't think you were quite following the pattern there - it was the most recent set of finalists in their relative positions, so Brenda wouldn't be up against LaKisha, she'd be up against Chris Daughtry. And I'm no fan of Chris Daughtry, but I think he wins that one. Also, Taylor Hicks > Shayne Ward (and I don't even like Taylor Hicks), and Sanjaya clearly > Robert because Robert was horrendous. At least Sanjaya gave one good performance, something I didn't see Robert doing.

I was a very vocal supporter of Leona, but to say that she was better than anyone who has ever appeared on American Idol is ridiculous. Still, thanks for sharing!

By Blogger Steve, at 8:01 am  

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