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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing facts about Thursday, June 28:
» John Inman off Are You Being Served would be celebrating his 71st birthday today. If he hadn't... y'know... died.
» Not dead and celebrating his 39th birthday is Adam "Ian Beale" Woodyatt off East"EastEnders"Enders. We saw Adam at a Doctor Who launch about three months ago and he was the spitting image of that Ian "Adam Woodyatt" Beale.
» It's an amazing 17 years since the TV debut of retirement home sitcom Waiting For God. That's ages.
» Melrose Place was first shown on UK terrestrial TV on this day ten years ago. Unfortunately they showed the shit early episodes with no Heather Locklear in so people were even less interested than they already were – which was "not very" to begin with.
» The Stonewall riots took place on this day in 1969 - leading, indirectly, to us being able to have this really gay website to write about stuff on. Stonewall gays, we salute you!

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