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Spelling test

RENOVATION! Tori and Dean: Inn Love, Living, 8.30pm

Tori and Dean: Inn LoveBeing deprived of Living in our household means that sometimes we drop the ball somewhat on truly momentous television events, hence our total failure to draw your attention to this show in time to catch the first four episodes. We believe the appropriate term here is "whoops". But still, better late than never, eh? We seem to say that rather a lot, though. Still, we got you here for the halfway point, so what more do you want? Blood?

We have a love for Tori Spelling that may go beyond what conventional society may deem "rational". A love that was only compounded by her ace and tragically unappreciated sitcom So noTORIous, the second episode of which is easily up there with the funniest half-hours of television it's ever been our pleasure to witness. Anyway, La Spelling obviously didn't spend too long being upset when the axe fell on it, possibly due to having other things to be upset about, like a well-known family tragedy that happened around the same time, but also because she signed herself up for this reality show featuring herself and her husband Dean McDermott attempting to set up "a hip B&B that is geared towards their generation". We don't know quite what they mean by that, but it sounds bizarre and awesome all the same.

This week is the grand opening of the bed and breakfast (see, we told you we'd get you here in time for the really important stuff), but given that the title of the episode is 'Too Pregnant' (oh yes, did we mention that Tori is about eight months pregnant at this point? No? Well, we have now), we're guessing that it doesn't go according to plan. Hey, we wonder if Farrah Fawcett is still her neighbour...

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