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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing facts about Monday, June 25 – presided over by our special guest surprised woman, Lisa Scott-Lee:
» The world’s first regular colour TV programme was broadcast on this day in 1951 by CBS. Unfortunately nobody actually owned a colour TV, so they might just have been making the whole thing up – we’ll never know.
» The UK edition of Cosmopolitan made its debut in 1972. Its groundbreaking mix of blowjob tips and men with their bits out proved so popular that the entire print run of 350,000 sold out within seconds*.
» Celebrating their birthdays today are unfunny comedian Phill ‘yes that IS how you spell it” Jupitus (45) and George “let’s have sex in those bushes” Michael (44) – let’s hope they both get something nice to blow out later.
*Approximate time

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Yay! The Fuck Me Facts are back!

Well, fuck me.

By Anonymous TJ, at 11:01 pm  

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