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Delete as applicable

What we want to write about today hasn't actually happened yet, so please cross out the bits that don't apply on your monitor with a permanent black marker pen once events have unfolded.
Well! (We're so excited about this afternoon's Spice Girls press conference/We're already bored of this bloody Spice Girls comeback). We think that (today's news could be one of the most exciting entertainment developments in years/the old tarts should just sit at home counting their money and give us all peace).
In other news, we're in a much better mood today, possibly because the sun came out for five minutes earlier. In fact, the only cloud on the horizon is, of course, the sad news that Preston and Chantelle have split up. OK, not exactly a surprise after he was seen chucking all her stuff out in binbags the other week, but it's still very sad for both of them. Sob!
If you're similarly afflicted by meloncholic vapours following their announcement yesterday, we've got lots of lovely stuff to cheer you up and it's RIGHT BELOW THIS BIT. Oh yes.

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