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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing facts about Wednesday, June 27:
» Think this year's Big Brother is boring? It was much, much worse in 2003, when the most thrilling thing that had happened that week was African exchange housemate Gaetano rustling up a nice omelette.
» It's 40 years since the first cash dispenser opened in the UK. Before that, people used to keep all their cash in a Peak Freans tin under the bed, but it was fine because you could leave your front door open you know. Eeeeeeeeeeh.
» Who'da thought it - Tobey Maguire is 32 today. He doesn't really look 32 does he? In unrelated news, there's now someone in the building where we work who looks a bit like Tobey Maguire, and the route to the tea bar has become considerably more circuitous since his arrival. No idea if it's his birthday today though - sorry.
» It looks like it might be about to rain again. Not sure if this counts as a fact, but it's probably happened on June 27 in some previous year or other, hasn't it?
» Shall we stop there for today? Yes? Fabulous!

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