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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing facts about the day they're all calling Tuesday, June 26:
» The first Ann Summers shop opened in London on this day in 1972. It was the brainchild of a businessman called Michael Caborn-Waterfield. He reasoned that women might not flock to a shop of that name for their vibrating apparatus, so persuaded his secretary to change her name to Ann Summers after she rejected his first suggestion of "Vibrata Tingling-Lube".
» Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone, the first in a series of adventures about a boy wizard by Scottish author JK Rowling, was published in 1997. The book was not a success, and little has been heard of the author or her character since.
» Today's birthday gay is Sean "Jack off Will and Grace" Hayes. He's 37 (it says here), and one of his claims to fame is that he once toured with Kenny Rogers. We're not sure what he was actually doing on this tour, however, and we have neither the time or the inclination to research the matter further.

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