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Phil (and Kirstie) Good Inc.

HOUSES! Location, Location, Location, Channel 4, 8.00pm

Location, Location, LocationWhen it came to deciding which show we'd write about today, it was an extraordinarily close run between this and Britain's Most Wanted Paedophiles, but ultimately...oh, who are we kidding? There was no contest at all. Location, Location, Location is back! Hooray! Welcome home, Phil and Kirstie! Is it okay if we hug you? Can we take your coats? Would you like a cup of tea, or perhaps a nice chilled glass of fruit juice? Please don't ever leave us again. (In fact, we'd like Phil and Kirstie to come to our imaginary TV People Dinner Party, along with Charlie Brooker and Aisleyne.)

We're ringing the Warning Bell of Format Tweakage here, but only gently since we don't think it sounds like a particularly disruptive one. Much like in Property Ladder, we're now focusing on two sets of people each episode, although the form here is a little clearer, since both couples looking for help from Phil and Kirstie will be in the same area, which is Glasgow tonight. As a payoff for the change, we now get a whole hour's worth of show. (Correct us if we're wrong, but we remember this show previously only being a half-hour, whereas Relocation Relocation got the full 60 minutes, so this is essentially Phil and Kirstie: Buy One, Get One Free.)

The trailers have been looking very promising indeed, particularly the bizarre shot of Kirstie doing something that looks like power-walking on a trampoline. If that wasn't enough, the Radio Times promises us that Kirstie will make one of the househunters cry. It's official: Kirstie rules.

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