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Finally facing our Waterloo

SCHOOL! Waterloo Road, BBC1, 8.00pm

Waterloo RoadWe took the loss of Bad Girls and Footballers' Wives quite badly last year - it was almost like someone had destroyed the whole reason for our existence. If the BBC had cancelled Holby City as well, that may well have been the last you'd heard of us. So we're going to make slightly more of an effort to get into Shed's first drama for the BBC so that we have somewhere to direct our displaced feelings.

Admittedly, on first look the adventures of a group of teachers at a failing comprehensive doesn't seem to have quite the same bonkers allure as the stories of women in prison or women who are married to professional footballers, but we're not going to let that get in the way. Besides, they all appear to quite like falling into bed with each other on a regular basis, and we can get behind that as a concept. Last series English teacher Tom dumped his also-teacher girlfriend Lorna for also-teacher Izzie (and we'll watch anything with Jill Halfpenny in it, really), so we should get some fallout from that. Perhaps also someone might cultivate a relationship with someone who isn't a teacher, only to be stoned to death for heresy. That would be quite cool.

In new-drama news, there's a wealthy businessman who wants to give the school a significant cash injection in return for a seat on the board of governors. We haven't checked out the fine print of the contract, but we assume that means we wants a say in the way the school is run rather than he just fancies some different furniture. Depends on how nice the chairs are though, really.

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It was really dreadful, wasn't it?

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 12:05 pm  

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