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Running up that road, running up that hill

OUT! Prison Break, Five, 10.00pm
Prison BreakWell, we stand corrected. We wondered exactly how a show based around one character's attempts to rescue his wrongly-incarcerated brother from prison could continue once they'd manage to put their breakout plan into action. And apparently the answer is: you follow their experience as fugitives having escaped from a maximum security institution while awaiting trial for murder. Which, to be honest, is pretty obvious when you think about it. This is apparently why we watch TV rather than write it.

So! At the end of season one, they escaped. Obviously, this being television, not everything went according to plan and there were a few casualties in the execution. And one of our favourite games to play during Prison Break is the "who's going to get killed off horribly this week?" game, because this show tends to have the most fatalities per episode we've seen in any show since 24 first started. (Not counting those episodes of America's Next Top Model where Tyra decides that the girl who just got eliminated didn't seem sufficiently upset and so rips off her weave and fries them with beams from her fierce smilin' eyes.)

We've taken the precaution of installing extra padding on the edge of our seats, because we suspect that otherwise they might end up getting a bit worn out. You may wish to do the same.

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