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Fierce girl

¡CHICA FEROZ! Ugly Betty, Channel 4, 9.30pm

You weren’t keen. Even after Davina dressed up like her in the name of cross-promotion (frankly, one of her better outfits, this season). Comments ranged from “Is that what all the fuss was about,” to “It was alright”. “Does it get better?” asked Mike. Well having seen the future, we can confirm that yes, it does. However, not in episode two (Betty gets The Book, The Book goes missing, hilarity ensues, blah blah blah).

So episode 3, entitled “Queens For A Day,” sees Betty finally get the makeover that everyone else is crying out for (although really, they haven't done that much to America Ferrera and you can’t help thinking that simply removing the specs and the tracks would do the trick). Unfortunately, the makeover comes from sassy-sister Hilda and her fierce girlfriends. Better hilarity ensues.

Interestingly enough, typing in “betty makeover” into Google Image Search also throws up this:
Workin' it.

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