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Come back Tyra, all is forgiven

FETCH! Project Catwalk, Sky Three, 9.00pm

Project CatwalkWe sometimes get driven to crazy extremes to kill time between seasons (sorry, "cycles") of America's Next Top Model. Now that Danielle's been crowned the rightful winner of cycle 6 (we're happy for her, but we were totally backing Joanie), we find ourselves scouring the schedules for other bitchery-filled fashion-related shows that we can watch, and so our gaze falls on Project Catwalk, series two getting a Freeview airing, shortly after its premiere on Sky Onc, which is rather nice.

So, of course, Project Runway in America is hosted by the lovely Heidi Klum, and the first series of this show was hosted by the statuesque Liz Hurley, but they decided to let her go and for some reason we're lumbered with fashion/talent/redemptive quality vacuum Kelly Osbourne instead. Oh well, it could be worse, we suppose.

In case you're utterly unfamiliar with the format, this is Top Model for designers, who get set various tough design-related challenges and face a gradual process of elimination until a victor is left standing. There will be bickering over fabric, there will be bickering over models, hopefully there will just be bickering in general. We weren't able to catch the first showing due to us only having Freeview at home, but heck, as long as the bitchery is of a good quality, we'll overlook the Osbourne factor. But hurry back Tyra, eh?

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