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A proper Charlie

GONE! Coronation Street, ITV1, 7.30 & 8.30pm

Coronation StreetCharlie Stubbs is due to get his comeuppance tonight, and we surely can't be the only people thinking "about flipping time". We're well-versed in the soap law wherein nobody who's ever been abusive to their partner is ever allowed to fully rehabilitate and become a useful member of society lest people think it's actually okay to behave like that in real life, but the sheer length of time that Charlie's been allowed to get away with being a domineering dickhead of the highest order really is something else. Admittedly it's slightly more relaxing to watch now that he's met his match in Tracy Barlow, but still.

Anyway, Tracy's been running her controversial campaign to convince everyone that Charlie's secretly terrorising the shit out of her and little Amy for some months now, and tonight Tracy leads the whole thing to an elaborate climax just as Ken and Deirdre decide to call the police. Except by this point, Tracy actually wants the bastard bricklayer to leave in a bodybag rather than a police car, so it may have all gone a bit too far. Oops, and all that.

You'll need to pay proper attention between now and Monday to see the full conclusion of the story and exactly what happens to Charlie and Tracy, so be sure to set your TiFaux or your old skool video. We'd comment on the other stuff going on in the Street at the moment, but there doesn't appear to be much, to be honest. We're actually (gasp!) slightly bored by it at the moment, and not a little alarmed by the realisation that the only soap we feel compelled to watch at the moment is Hollyoaks, for the 'John Paul loves Craig' storyline, which has made Hollyoaks history by being both well-written and well-acted (not by everyone, admittedly, but this is Hollyoaks, after all). Wonders will never cease.

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