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Daily nudes

DODGY! Shameless, Channel 4, 10.00pm

ShamelessSo! Last week we returned to the Chatsworth Estate for more seat-of-their-pants adventures with the Gallaghers, including the somewhat unexpected return of estranged matriarch Monica. And because we're so determined to serve you, the LOWCULTURE viewership, we stayed up to watch the next episode afterwards on E4 so that we'd be able to write a full and accurate preview for you this week, even though we were, like, really tired and everything the next day. That? Dedication, friends. Dedication.

ANYway, we're greatly relieved to see the return of the incomparable Sheila this week. Last week we felt that the absence of Sheila and Kev and Veronica was a little more than we could stomach. Unfortunately it looks like Kev and Veronica are out for the rest of the series (boo!), but the return of Sheila makes up for that a little bit, at least. Naturally Sheila's a little threatened by the return of Monica, having assumed that Monica has ditched her lesbian tendencies and come back to resume where she left off with husband Frank. Quite how Frank managed to make two women care this much about him will remain a mystery to us, of course. So it's down to the ever-resourceful Debbie, working in cohorts with Monica's comedy trucker lover Norma, to try to remind Monica how good she has it as a lesbian.

Meanwhile, the Maguires are making themselves at home in Kev and Veronica's house next door, and are anxiously awaiting the return of prodigal son Jamie, who's coming to the end of a ten-year stretch. This is important to the viewers because Jamie will later start wandering around with no clothes on, and it really is quite nice to look at. Having fulfilled our constitutional duty by drawing your attention to male nudity on television today, we feel our work is done here.

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