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The chance to dance

LESBIAN! Bust-a-Move, MTV, 8pm

Even after our years (well not me, I’m new) of commentary, every so often we come across a show trailer that makes us sit up and exclaim “you have got to be fucking joking”. And so we’re there, going through the music channels, about to slide quickly past MTV Base, when the new Mary J “Pay me in bills, up front” Blige video comes on, so we linger until the end, when a trailer for MTV’s Bust-a-Move appears.

The premise for the show, according to the Sky+ Planner, is that “Host Brooks Burford and his team of top chorographers (sic) help MTV viewers address a personal issue with their loved ones through the medium of dance.” So far so Lowculture, but what makes this episode extra-low is that Charlotte is going to tell her mother that she is a lesbian – through the medium of dance. Wouldn’t it have been interesting if we’d all had that option? Brooks’ lesbian ‘chorography’ appears to extend to writhing around with lots of nice ladies in a leotard, strangely enough. Mother isn’t impressed, proving that the medium of dance doesn’t work, either.

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