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Some people you don't know are buying a house

PHIL AND KIRSTIE! Relocation, Relocation, Channel 4, 8.00pm

Relocation RelocationOh, Phil and Kirstie. When you're not on our telly (and we don't mean the numerous repeats on More4, they don't count), everything just seems wrong. We will gradually sit through any number of annoying, whiny townies wishing to buy some enormous country house with an Aga just to get our weekly fill of the two of you. We hope you realise just how serious we are about this.

After the brief disruption to the natural order of things when Kirstie went off to have a baby and was replaced by NotKirstie (also known as Kirstie's sister Sofie) for their annual list of the best and worst places to live in the UK, Phil and Kirstie are back helping yet another couple with an obscene amount of money to buy two properties, to make it that much harder for the rest of us to even buy one house. And we're going to a mortgage seminar later today, so no doubt we'll be particularly pissed off about this by this evening.

Of course, property shows like this are basically like cookery shows and nature shows - borderline pornography that you watch to experience a glamorous world that you'll probably never be a part of. Sigh. We've made our peace with that, honest. We'll also be monitoring the number of times during this series that Phil gets stuck looking for the pokey city flat instead of the sprawling country home, since he does seem to get that task disproportionately often. Poor Phil.

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