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Home improvement?

SCREAM! You Are What You Eat: Gillian Moves In, Channel 4, 8.00pm

You Are What You EatGah! "Dr" Gillian McKeith just won't go away, will she? We'll admit that we had fun laughing at her complete lack of self-awareness (the good kind, at least) during The X Factor: Battle of the Stars last year, but when she gets back to shriking about mung beans again, we just want to stuff her mouth with pork scratchings and lock her in the pantry. Heck, when we were reading the Metro interview with Michelle McManus last week, her thoughts on the "good" "doctor" appeared to run along the lines of "I'm grateful she helped me lose all the weight, but sometimes I wanted to eat her just to shut her up".

Blissful fantasies aside, she's back and there's a twist in the format this time: her victims will be forced to live under her roof and be subject to constant scrutiny. This confuses us slightly, because that appears to be the opposite of what the title's suggesting, but we're sure it'll all become clear during the show itself. Besides, we like the idea that this leaves the subjects with a perfect opportunity to sneak into her room while she's asleep and batter her to death with sugar-coated snack treats. There'd be a nice poetic irony in it, if nothing else.

It's on for a whole fucking hour, too. Bloody hell. Usually we're curled up in the foetal position after five minutes' exposure to this shrivelled harridan. We'll be watching Holby City until this all blows over.

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