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I'm a cause celebre, get me out of here!

DOOM! Lost, Channel 4, 10.00pm
The massive marketing push for this show may have died down now, but the show itself is ticking along very nicely, thank you for asking. After a slow start to the series, we’re getting to know the characters and there are lots of plots ticking along in the background alongside the woe-is-us-when-will-we-be-rescued stuff. After last week, when Claire received her psychic prediction about her mystic miracle child (okay, not quite miracle child in the same way as, say, Piper’s children are on Charmed, but it was still creepy and faintly supernatural-sounding to us) and started having visions in the night of someone trying to harm her baby, and when Jack the all-knowing and faintly patronising doctor pissed her off and sent her running into the forest with Charlie the nice but dim hobbit and Ethan, the creepy guy who wasn’t on the plane (dun-dun-dahhhh), it’s fair to say that there are a fair few cliffhangers needing resolving at this point. Add to the fact that this is the show that pretty much necessitated the creation of the spoiler forum on the messageboards, and the fact that this episode is awesomely-titled ‘All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues’ (yep, it’s going to be about Jack’s issues with his father again) and this should be the one to watch tonight. Unless you already saw it on E4 last week of course, in which case, shut the heck up and don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

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