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REMAKES! The Biggest Loser UK/Extreme Makeover UK, Living TV, 9.00pm onwards
It's official: by 2015 the UK will be the world's most physically flawless nation, and it will all be thanks to Living TV. Or it will if they continue to churn out makeover programmes with quite the same enthusiasm as they're doing at the moment, anyway. Starting tonight we've got two remakes of successful US shows kicking off: the second series of Extreme Makeover UK, and the first (of many?) for The Biggest Loser UK. We'll give you a quick guide for the uninitiated: The Biggest Loser - hosted by Caroline Rhea of Sabrina The Teenage Witch fame in America, and hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson of Top Gear fame over here - features 12 overweight contestants, split into two teams, fighting to see who can lose the most weight. Of course, the goal is not just a slimmer waistline, a wider selection of clothes to choose from and a longer life expectancy - nope, there's a cash prize of £25,000 for the one who loses the most weight. Insert "think of all the cakes you could buy with that" joke here. Extreme Makeover is somewhat more graphic, featuring people who feel their physical appearance is in need of serious overhaul as they go under the knife, undergo a gruelling workout to shift that extra weight, learn how to dress for their new shape, and of course the shocked and awed reactions of their friends and family when they reveal the new them at a kind of gala premiere ceremony. In other words, these are not programmes to watch whilst eating your dinner: the first will make you question whether you really ought to be eating all that, and the second will put you right off it altogher with all that scrape, scrape, surgical scraping. Bleurgh. Hideous, and yet compelling.

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WOW!! I just watched the most amazingest programme - 'Celebrity A Place In The Sun'!! It's just like normal 'A Place In The Sun' but with a fun and interesting celebrity instead of the boring middle aged couple! Today was TPT + GBF, looking for a pad in the Côte d'Azur. The Budget was 1.5 million, but in Tara's own words, "Budget schmudget!" - amazing!!

Quotes from the show:

-(TPT upon entering house number 2) "Gay People live here."
-(TPT whilst on phone to new boyfriend, the heir to 'Matalan') "I said it was a joke because I've got a camera in my face and I don't want people to think I just give away houses as birthday presents."
-(TPT) "I'm starting to feel all claustrophobic with all those houses down there"
(Presenter Amanda) "Really?"
(TPT) "No not really I just made that bit up."
-(TPT Whilst jumping on the roof of house number 3) "Woof woof woof woof!"


Other highlights included presenter Amanda quizzing Tara about her hew relationship (?!?) and Tara recalling the time she bought a horse and it came with a saddle and a donkey(?!??).

As always with 'A Place In The Sun', the show ends with no resolve, ie. the viewer has no idea whether any actual property gets purchased, however this episode ends with a speed boat ride to a helipad, but to no avail as TPT has missed her helicopter! We then witness TPT throwing a hissy fit and demanding of GBF 'Matt', "Can we take these mics off please 'coz I'm just about to shout at you for shouting at me!"


It's times like that I wish I had Sky+, or a tivo, or even a video recorder :( But seriously, what are Channel 4 doing showing programmes like that as daytime TV?? If any of you are interested, the second one (alas, there are only 2) is on at 3.30 tomorrow, with Lowri Turner! :)

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