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Pot luck

MELLOW! Weeds, Sky One, 10.00pm
God bless American cable channels for setting the objective of single-handedly trying to break every known taboo in the book. It shattered the myths of the female libido now and forever with Sex and the City (well, maybe that’s a bit of a grand claim, but they got a bunch of women to talk about dildos without reserve and that’s pretty much the same thing) and it got brought death to the forefront in Six Feet Under, both HBO productions. Showtime managed to be similarly controversial (albeit receiving fewer critical plaudits) with Queer as Folk and The L Word, and now it’s the turn of drugs, but in typical subversive style this isn’t some seedy docudrama following a bunch of leathery dealers who live in sewers, but rather a respectable middle-class suburban housewife selling weed in the middle of her equally respectable neighbourhood. It’s the sort of thing that’s been played for laughs in movies like Saving Grace, but acknowledging the stable that this show comes from, it’s bound to have a darker tone than that. Consider it more Desperate Houseplants. The drugs, though, are just a catalyst that show us everything that goes on behind the immaculately painted front doors. The kids aren’t all right, and shockingly, there’s even some bumming going on. We know! It’s shocking and depraved. We can’t wait.

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I believe Joey Santiago did the soundtrack for this, which can only be good news. Now when will Channel 4 pick it up?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:23 pm  

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