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If it ain't broke...

FIXED! Property Ladder, Channel 4, 8.00pm
Our love of property development guru Sarah Beeny is well-documented. Indeed, just a couple of weeks ago we considered rearranging our holiday itinerary just so we could go and get her to sign a copy of the new Property Ladder magazine for us at Borders in Oxford Street. (We decided against it in the end, as step one of our 12 step Sarah Beeny abstinence programme.) It is fair to say, then, that we would watch anything that involved The Beeny. We watched the most recent series of Property Ladder, even though it was mainly revised versions of episodes we'd seen before. We watched Streets Ahead, even though it didn't have quite the same druglike pull as this show. But we're concerned. Why? Because the format of this show has been "updated". That's not often good, is it? Think New Coke. Think Choco Krispies (remember that?). Think about the time that Atomic Kitten "updated" 'The Tide Is High'. Shudder. Anyway, it's not in our business to prejudge (except for the part where it totally is), so we will attempt to bring some level of impartiality back to the proceedings. Basically the new format involves a two-for-one dealie, where each show focuses on two separate sets of developers. Today we'll be meeting Craig and Tina (who are Art Deco fans, so this is bound to end in tears) for one project, and Michael and Sally (who are funding their projects with "interest-free" credit cards, which is bound to end in us screaming at the TV and tearing our hair out) on another. Twice as much fun per episode? Maybe. But we're worried about losing that sense of start-to-finish, there-all-the-way linear narrative that we always had before.

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I'm supposed to be meeting up with some friends this evening, I've though seriously about phoning them to say I can't make it, just to watch Property Ladder. I'm glad there's someone else as pathetic as me.

By Blogger Zaffra, at 10:51 am  

I'm debating whether to wimp out on the gym for this - or at the very least get my flatmate to tape it for me.

Ooh, then I could have a dedicated Sarah Beeny tape to see me through the Property Ladder-less desert...

By Blogger klee, at 12:58 pm  

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