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Another day, another sketch show

UTENSILS! Spoons, Channel 4, 10.00pm
Hot on the heels of BBC3's Tittybangbang which has received "mixed" reviews over on our messageboards comes this new sketch show from Channel 4, which takes its lead from the much-missed (by us, anyway) Smack the Pony and runs with it. It's hard to preview a sketch show, especially one you've not actually had a chance to see yet, but we're reliably informed that the sketches centre around the peculiarities of modern life and relationships. This has been done two billion times before, of course, but there's nothing to say that some new voices on the subject won't have plenty to say. The biggest fight right now appears to be breaking Little Britain's (and to a lesser extent Catherine Tate's) hold on that lucrative catchphrase market, so sketch shows tend to stand or fall on the strength of their recurring characters and quotability. We'll just see how this one does. Although the fact that it's got Josie "Not 'Josephine' Any More Now She's Left Mersey Beat" D'Arby in it definitely gets it on our good side.

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