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They might, they might rock us

AXE SOLO! Rock School, Channel 4, 9.30pm
Anyone who saw the film of a similar name starring Jack Black will be only too aware that rock music is the only true form of artistic expression, and that every single other genre is for sissies and pant-wetting girls. Even though this show follows a very similar course of action (rock musician turns up at conservative-with-a-small-c school and teaches tight-arsed kids the joys of rock 'n' roll), it looks like it ought to be a lot of fun. Kiss's Gene Simmons turns up at Christ's Hospital school in West Sussex and is appointed as the music teacher of a bunch of children who appear to all intents and purposes to have been lifted straight out of the Village of the Damned. Forgive us for sounding homosexual about this, but those are some seriously unflattering uniforms - even for moustachioed villains in a Jacobean tragedy. The kids all love classical music and have never even heard of Kiss, so the teacher (Mr Simmons to you) sets about teaching them to make love to the mic stand and stage dive off their desks. Where we think we'll like this a lot more than the film is that Gene Simmons seems to cheerfully acknowledge that success in rock is far more about image and stage presence than it is about talent, and doesn't seem to mind in the least taking the piss out of himself. Sir, we salute you.

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