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Mars Attacks

NEW! Veronica Mars, Living TV, 6.05pm
One of the worst things about running a site like this is when you hear about a TV show from another country that sounds awesome, and there's absolutely no news of when, or indeed if, it's due to get an airing over here. This is, of course, bearing in mind that we are decent, upstanding folk who uphold the letter of the law and would never dream of downloading television shows illegally. This was the case with Veronica Mars for quite some time - it had its first outing on America's UPN network just over a year ago with low ratings but much critical acclaim - it was even advertised at one point with the slogan "the best show you're not watching". The second season has just begun in America, and we've been waiting for ages to see the first one - we heard initially that Sky One had the rights and were just sitting on them, but now it turns out that Living TV snapped it up and will be screening it every weeknight in the slot formerly occupied by Joan of Arcadia, which was cancelled in America after its second season. Let's hope that the ratings pick up and Veronica Mars fares slightly better. For those of you have never heard of the show and are experiencing a level of what we believe the kids refer to as "wtf?", allow us to explain: Veronica Mars is a 17-year-old high school student in Neptune, California (bear with us, it gets better), who is also a private investigator. There are also several Desperate Housewives-style long-running plots to follow during the season, such as the murder of Veronica's best friend Lilly Kane, and the finger of suspicion pointing squarely at Veronica's father, whose innocence Veronica sets out to uncover. Apparently it's very cool and surprisingly dark, and Veronica kicks all kinds of ass. We can't wait.

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I don't think that the finger of suspicion is pointing at Veronica's father. Ever. She is not out to prove his innoccence by any means.

By Anonymous jamie, at 11:05 am  

Quite right. I was researching the show and got the wrong end of the stick. Sorry everyone!

By Blogger Steve, at 9:12 am  

I am shocked. And appalled. *tsk* the state of journalism today *mutter mutter*

By Anonymous jamie, at 12:54 pm  

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