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Top Trumps

HIRED! The Apprentice USA, BBC3, 9.00pm (repeated on BBC2 at 11.20pm)
It's been a long and gruelling season, and we've eliminated 16 allegedly inferior candidates to find ourselves at the grand final between Kelly, the less-than-personable former military man with a penchant for dorky catchphrases ("Check the box!", anyone?), and Jen, the indolent, responsibility-shirking, boardroom-avoiding fembot. Otherwise known as a rock and a hard place. They've each got a charity event to manage (Jen's is a basketball game, Kelly's a polo match) and a small team comprising of former contestants (annoying Stacey, fabulous Pamela, suddenly-more-bearable Chris, still-annoying Raj, pretty John who's kind of a bad loser and unpleasant, and diligent Elizabeth), none of whom particularly want to do a good job for these people, having had first hand experience of what assholes they can be to work for, and indeed with. We spent most of last week's setting-up episode just hoping Trump would fire both of them and give the job to Pamela after all, but it seems it is not to be. As we left things, Kelly had lost control of his team and was contending with heavy rain that was preventing him from painting the sponsor's name onto the pitch, and Jen's client had very quickly cottoned on to the fact that she is all talk and no competence just before her MC pulled out at short notice. It's safe to say that neither of these two appear to be doing a stellar job thus far. But only one of them can become The Apprentice! A quick warning to anyone planning to watch the BBC2 showing: it's a hefty two hours long this week, so be sure to brush your teeth beforehand.

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