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What will the neighbours say?

POP! Girls Aloud: Home Truths, ITV2, 9.00pm
This is a near-miss - we almost didn't realise this show was on today. We knew it was in the pipeline, but we expected it to come with bells and whistles and fanfares. Perhaps we've just been watching TV at all the wrong times, but if we hadn't caught sight of a trail for this during Sally Jessy Raphael on ITV2 yesterday morning (what? Yeah, we watch that. Shut up) we'd have overlooked this altogether, and we're such you would have given us a well-deserved spanking for doing so. If we're entirely truthful, the promo didn't do the girls a lot of favours, since it seemed to comprise mainly of sexually suggestive pictures of them and captions like "Do you want to see Girls Aloud naked...truths?" and other 'witty' 'innuendos', thus just making them look like the cheap slappers the tabloids and Aloud detractors would like us to believe. But fear not! We're sure the programme itself will be impeccably made and well-balanced...won't it? The cameras follow the Aloud for six months while they perform their first national tour, record a summer single (hmm, wouldn't they rather forget about 'Long Hot Summer'?) and lay down tracks for the eagerly-anticipated third album. We'll also get to see what the girls get up to in their downtime. Nadine invites the folks over from Ireland, Cheryl heads back to Newcastle to pick up her shiny new motor, Nicola goes camping with her family in Devon (no, really, that's what it says here), Sarah gives us a guided tour of Stockport and Kimberley...goes back to her old waitressing job? Pardon?

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Thanks for pointing this out, I soo would have missed it, which would have been tragic

By Anonymous ruthie, at 4:55 pm  

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