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What Karen Did Next

SLEUTH! Vincent, ITV1, 9.00pm
One of the weird things about the fast-moving world of soap operas is that they have this weird grasp on the time-space continuum that makes things seem to happen at a speed way beyond normal life. It feels like years since Karen McDonald-née-Phillips departed the cobbles of Weatherfield after the final battle to the near-death with Tracy Barlow for the affections of Steve McDonald, of all people, when it’s really been just over nine months. We’ve kind of missed seeing Suranne Jones around the place since then, but fear not! For tonight she is back, and alongside Ray Winstone, no less, in new crime drama Vincent. Ray is Vincent, obviously, married to his job, curmudgeonly, and all those other things that we’ve come to expect from embittered and battle-scarred TV detectives. Suranne Jones is his partner-in-crime (prevention) Beth, and completing the lowculture delights of the cast list are Eva Pope (most recently seen as Wing Governor Myers in Bad Girls), Philip Gleniser and Joe Absolom. The slow itself looks as though the word “gritty” were invented precisely to be applied at this moment in time, although the plot looks set to be your basic private eye drama. Let’s just hope Suranne brings back the Faces. We’ve missed them so.

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