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Bubblin' hot

EH?! Hot Tub Ranking, Five, 11.30pm
We've heard some bizarre pitches for television shows in our time, but we truly take our hats off to the people behind this one: five apparently "beautiful" women try to convince a panel of men that they are the best looking of the bunch. It's sort of a combination of Your Face Or Mine, Blind Date, and Miss World, with a hot tub thrown in for cheap thrills good measure. Think of it as being like watching those late night parties in the back garden in Big Brother. but without any of the bitter recriminations the following morning. We're not entirely sure if this is the worst possible example of filler and wallpaper television, or whether it's actually a scathing send-up of modern society's obsession with beauty and outward appearances, and hence genius. Nope. Seriously, we've not got a clue. All we know is that with a title like that it deserves an award of some kind. And look, we made it through the entire preview without pointing out that "ranking" sounds a bit like "wanking" if said with a comedy Japanese accent...damn.

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I think Sarah Beeny was on Loose Women today, but I had to go out and missed it. What are uni doing scheduling lectures over Sarah Beeny? :(

By Anonymous me, at 3:51 pm  

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