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The Kat is out of the bag

CLASH! EastEnders, BBC1, 8.00pm
Shout it from the rooftops – EastEnders is finally getting good again. Last week's episodes, which saw Zoe depart for Spain after revealing the secret of Den's grisly demise to a stunned Kat, were well-written and nicely shot. Particularly effective was the creepy flashback montage used to remind us of how Den came a cropper at the business end of Pauline Fowler's doorstop. Some nice comedy scenes with Dennis and Pauline lightened the mood a bit, and no EastEnders week that ends with the sad music instead of the drums can be considered anything less than a triumph.
The good times are set to continue tonight, as Kat confronts the increasingly unhinged Chrissie about what she knows. Chrissie is terrified, so expect the cracks to start appearing soon – and we're not just talking about the ones in her ice-cool facade. Mind that heel, Sharon!

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