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Better by design

STITCH UP! The House Of Eliott, UKTV Drama, 6.00pm
Such is the reputation of lowculture that even in our quiet time, it’s still hard for us to escape talking about trashy TV. For this reason we found ourselves in the pub last week discussing early 90s lavish BBC period drama The House Of Eliott. We were wondering just how likely this was to have stood the test of time: would it be able to stand its own ground in a slot opposite such other dramatic heavyweights as Hollyoaks, or would it look risible and horribly dated so long after its first airing? (Those of you claiming it was risible the first time around, feel free to discuss this on the messageboards.) Well, now we get a chance to find out as UKTV Drama is re-airing the first series. They started doing so last night, but we had other things to point out to you yesterday. What do you want? Blood? You vultures.

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