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Is this about lesbians, by any chance?

(LADY)BUM! The L Word, Living TV, 10.00pm
We almost missed highlighting this show altogether, thanks to its status as the wallflower of Living TV’s schedule. If only it had been trailed six times in every ad break on the channel, and if only the trails contained the word “lesbian” ninety million times, then perhaps we might have known about this show and what it stands for. Seriously, if the trails are anything to go by, do not expect subtlety from this second season. We’re even beginning to wonder if it’s a bit like one of those drama exercises where you’re expected to portray a variety of different emotions and situations, but you’re only allowed to use one word in your dialogue, and in this case, the word happens to be “lesbian”. It desperately wants to do for lesbians what Queer As Folk did for the male gays, but it just seems like a lot of style and very little substance – and strange as it might seem, this time that doesn’t work for us at all.

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