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Like we care about tennis anyway

GOING… Neighbours, BBC1, 5.35pm
The Neighbours addicts out there (and judging by our messageboards, there are lot of you) are going to have to brace yourselves for an uncomfortable summer – and we’re going to resist the opportunity for a cheap pun at the expense of the youngest Hoyland. After this week, Neighbours is taking a two-week hiatus for Wimbledon, and we’re all going to have to find something else to do with our time. Not just that, but thanks to Royal Ascot today, there’s no lunchtime edition so you’ll have to be sure to catch it at teatime. Outrage! Anyway, as if to add insult to injury, the plots are getting juicy and you just know they’re all going to get left suspended for a fortnight with us fuming on the sofa waiting for the resolution. Today, Boyd’s confusion leads him to reveal some home truths to Sky, and Stuart wakes up following the surgery to restore his eyesight. Has it been successful? Er, we don’t know.

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