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Waiting for the love boat to come

THE END! Celebrity Love Island, ITV1, 9.00pm
Not quite the ratings behemoth that ITV were hoping for, and forcing broadcasters to rethink a lot of programmes with “celebrity” in the title, Celebrity Love Island limps to a conclusion tonight. Being propped up by Coronation Street has helped its fortunes a little bit, although it’s not worked out quite so well for Corrie, leading some of the writers to develop a bit of a strop on with the schedulers, and perhaps not without their reasons. There are a few things we’ll miss about this show: the way they tried to make us forget Liz McClarnon ever existed, Jayne Middlemiss getting all hypertense and upset, Paul Danan making a play for anything that moved, including a few trees that just happened to sway in the wind. Anyway, tonight we’ll find out the winners – the King (and Queen) of the Swingers, if you will. We wonder what lies in store for the illustrious winners? Aside from a cash prize and a badge that says "I was the biggest ho in Fiji", of course. We’ve still got our fingers crossed for a Simpsons-esque revelation that it was a peninsula all along.

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