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They're ba-aaaaaaaaack!

SHANNIS! EastEnders, BBC1, 8.00pm
In some soap operas, the love between a half-brother and an adoptive sister (and at this point feel free to argue all you want about whether it’s incestuous or not considering they’re not actually related by blood but are legally half-siblings) would be the love that dare not speak its name. In EastEnders, however, it’s called Shannis, and it likes to cry its name from the rooftops. Zoe Slater is holding her farewell party in the Vic tonight, and as dictated by the first rule of Walford, any celebration held in the pub must be interrupted by a conspicuous presence from the past – and so enter Sharon and Dennis, back from America, and very much a couple again. Hooray! We think. Of course, there is still the little matter of what happened to their dad to be cleared up. Chrissie had better get thinking…

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