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The drugs don't work

STONAH! Kath & Kim, BBC2, 9.00pm
We’re nearing the end of the first run of this top Aussie sitcom, a fact which we do not find even remotely “noice”. However, something cheering in all this is that the first series is out on DVD soon – we think perhaps even this week – so we need never be separated from Kath & Kim ever again. The finale next week should be top, since we’re anticipating that it will revolve around Kath’s gloriously tacky wedding, but for now we’ve got the hen night to look forward to. Now we’d never expect these two to do anything by halves, but even they don’t quite anticipate the levels they’ll go to, since they end up inadvertently taking some illegal substances during the course of the evening. The thought of Kim with her inhibitions lowered both excites and terrifies us. We can only imagine what it does to Brett.

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It's out on dvd this week. I saw it in HMV with a spiffy pink collectors box.

By Anonymous Ceeb, at 10:22 am  

Series two starts on LivingTV on 6th July though...

By Anonymous Ben, at 12:39 pm  

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