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RETURNING! Star Stitch-Ups With Jeremy Beadle, Channel 4, 10.50pm
There are few things in life more satisfying than seeing a famewhore get their comeuppance, which probably explains why we do quite like to see celebrities being tricked on TV. It’s hardly a new concept, but it exists in plenty of formats, from spoof interviews like The Kumars and Ali G to straight-out practical jokes like the kind we see in Punk’d. Anyway, if that’s your bag, then this is the sort of programme you’ve probably been waiting for all your life, and the concept of an hour of the world’s best celebrity stitch-ups may make you giddy. For those of you doubting the potential enjoyment factor, there will be some of the highlights from Banzai’s Mr Shake Hands Man (sadly replaced later by Lady One Question who, while still amusing in her own right, just wasn’t the same), and a few highlights from Brass Eye. Well, that won us over, but we’re shallow like that.

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