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Wisteria-ful thinking

CHATTY! Richard & Judy, Channel 4, 4.30pm
We apologise in advance in case this turns out to be incorrect – on some of our previous plugs for Dick ’n’ Jude when they had a particularly special guest in, we’ve been told by commenters that we got the date wrong. Our source on this is usually reliable, so we just hope there hasn’t been a last minute change of plans, because we’re told that today’s guests are Marcia Cross, James Denton and Nicolette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame. We’re hoping for some probing questioning: what exactly went on at the infamous Vanity Fair covershoot, for example? How much can they tell us about season two? Is it all going to go down the shitter without the Brex (that’s shipper terminology for Bree/Rex, just in case you were wondering)? Sadly we’re not writing the questions so we can’t guarantee they’ll actually be asked any of these things, but if we get the hang of this telepathy lark we’ll do our best to influence it.

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Oh thank you so much for mentioning this.

I just looked a LC before it started and bree was great. Waiting for the others to be on but it's a bit stingy they're only on for like 15 mins even though there's edie, mary alice, mike and bree.

By Anonymous jamie, at 4:59 pm  

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