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How not to be a domestic goddess

COOKING! Martha & Me, BBC2, 9.00pm
Let’s be perfectly honest, here: you can’t really imagine Delia Smith being convicted of any kind of serious crime, can you? Warned by the neighbours not to put her bins out overnight because the foxes try to get at the leftovers perhaps, but that’s about as nasty as you (or we, at the very least) can picture it being). Not so Martha Stewart, though, as we’re sure you know – America’s lifestyle queen was convicted of being complicit in a shares scandal last year and sentenced to five months imprisonment (where we can only assume she redecorated the entire block in a tasteful lilac and baked soufflés in the prison canteen). In this documentary, film-maker Jamie Campbell tries to get to grips (not literally, we hope) with the real Martha Stewart, and pitches up in a trailer near her prison. Thus the scene is set for a tale of high drama and domestic luxury – how can the gays resist?

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