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CAGEY! House, Five, 10.00pm
Five made a name for itself with classy US imports when it acquired the terrestrial rights to CSI and its various franchises – a reputation that it may have endangered a little with its purchase of Joey – and it attempts to add to that roster with this medical drama. Hugh Laurie takes the eponymous title role as a brilliant doctor who doesn’t care about his patients. Well, that’s not strictly true – he cares enough to diagnose them brilliantly, of course, he just doesn’t get all mixed up in any of that gross emotional stuff that the doctors on just about every other medical series seem to do. It doesn’t exactly make him the world’s biggest maverick (especially when his equally talented colleagues take care of the gooey feelings for him), but it does make a nice change from Holby City, we suppose. Although if we said we were recommending this just for the premise, we’d be lying – one very good reason to watch is Neighbours’ Jesse Spencer, all grown up and in a supporting role. Swoon.

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