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Old kid on the Block

One of the few sadnesses in our otherwise fabulous life is that there's no Sky One chez lowculture. Because of this unfortunate state of affairs, we have totally missed the most recent series of DREAM TEAM, which ended with the Harchester United coach blowing up with the whole first team on it.
People with longer memories will remember that pretty much the same cliffhanger happened three years ago, but let's not split hairs.
The reason for this latest fireball is that producers Hewland International want to take the series back to basics, and rediscover a sense of fun that seems to have been lacking for the last couple of years.
So, despite the entire cast being killed off, Dream Team will be back for a ninth series in September – and the truly thrilling news is that the queen of DT, Lynda Block, is set to make a triumphant return!
She's been languishing in prison for the last three years, after battering Prashant Detani to death with the FA Cup. But executive producer Jane Hewland, in a webchat at the fantastic DT fansite www.harchester.net, says that Lynda is the only person who can heal the town and the team, and we're not about to disagree.
In fact, the only thing that remains for us to do is to get some kind of boyfriend with a Sky dish before September. If you fancy filling the vacancy, email today.

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