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Making the cut

CURLS! Cutting It, BBC1, 9.00pm
Having lost two of lowculture’s flagship television shows in such a short space of time (Footballers’ Wives and Desperate Housewives, in case you were wondering – and why are we so fixated on shows with “wives” somewhere in the title?), it comes as a relief to us to have one of our other favourites here to give us a reason to carry on. A fair bit has changed in the hairdressing saga – we’ve lost Finn and Ruby somewhere along the line, but we’ve got new characters to take their place, so we’ll hardly notice the join. Ditzy Australian Melissa is a new face, although not that new to those of us who knew the actress when she was Doctor Lara in Casualty. The character really drawing our attention, however, is Troy Gillespie, played by former CITV presenter David Leon, whom we might be a little bit in love with. Do not disturb us when we’re watching.

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