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Forty candles

GASH! Nip/Tuck, Channel 4, 10.50pm
Just as we were wondering what we were going to fill that massive Desperate Housewives-sized hole in our Wednesday night viewing schedule with, the ever-reliable Channel 4 pops up and gives us the answer in the form of the new series of Nip/Tuck. Be warned, though: as well as the usual squicky scenes of plastic surgery, this episode also contains graphic examples of old age. That’s right: Sean’s turned 40 and is having something of a complex about it. Vanessa Redgrave guest-stars as Sean’s mother-in-law (playing mother to her real-life daughter, but we’re sure you knew that already), who’s considering having a little lift of her own, and even Christian feels the wrath of old age as someone rejects his sexual advances. Yeah, like you’d ever say no to Julian McMahon. Good to see those wacky, far-fetched plots are still rolling out.

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