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The "noice" next door

AGEY! Kath & Kim, BBC2, 10.00pm
We’ve long suspected that Kath & Kim is the gayest show on TV, and tonight’s episode confirms our suspicions, since all of the themes are very relatable to today’s modern bummer. Kath’s gearing up for her wedding (the gays love weddings, don’t they?), but is worried that she’s looking old (and we all know how much the gays fear that). Kim, meanwhile, has decided that adopting an aloof ice-queen attitude with Brett will serve her well (we can testify to a great many gays who agree with that), but dumpy best friend Sharon looks set to blow that for her (curse those less glamorous best friends whom we only keep around to make ourselves look better). Yep, we have to say it: it couldn’t get any gayer if it popped on a cocktail dress and called itself Shaneequa.

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